Who are you guys?

You Plate It was started by Mark & Paul, two mates from Perth who met during a career in banking. They have both experienced the challenges of eating healthy, and interesting food, after a long day at work. Solving that eternal "whats-for-dinner" question is what sparked the initial idea. Passionate about food, the lads believe cooking a delicious dinner at home should be easy and fun.

Mark lives in Manjimup and is responsible for sourcing all our fresh produce. He loves travel (especially in Asia), and dreams of being a pigeon fancier (he's decided it will be his "old man" hobby). 

Paul, who lives in Perth, works closely with our Chef to design and plan a seasonal menu. He loves to create, and this passion is seen in his innovative software development. He is responsible for the amazing tech behind organising a weeks delivery. 

Our Chef, Kate, works from home to design, plan and taste test our recipes. A mother of 3, Kate knows the struggles of getting a nutritious and tasty dinner on the table each night.

Paul and Mark started the business in 2013 and have loved every step of the journey. The recipe-kit market has changed much in the last few years, and the introduction of big business, in the form of Hello Fresh, makes delivering fresh local ingredients more important than ever.