Where do you get your ingredients?

Our focus is on providing quality, fresh and local ingredients. 

For fresh produce, like fruits and vegetables, we deal direct with local growers and their agents. Through buying direct and local, we reduce the time from farm-gate to plate. Without the supply chain overheads of the supermarkets, we're able to supply you with ingredients that are fresher, healthier and have a smaller carbon footprint. We have a focus on buying WA grown produce, but two items, sweet potato and garlic are not locally grown. As a small business, the owners are intimately involved, and Mark is up early most days talking with growers and the market to source the best and freshest local produce. Email us and ask if you want to know more.

For grocery items, we work with a number of family owned business to supply quality ingredients. Our innovative and locally built technology reduces food waste and we supply you with what you need.

All our meats are free-range, and come from WA suppliers. They are specially packed for us and we never comprise on quality.  

Our fish monger supplies locally caught fish and sustainably and ethically farmed Tasmanian salmon.

Take a look at some of our key suppliers